Leipzig im Wandel

Helmut/ Karte von Morgen

Bist du Teil eines Projektes das Öffentlichkeit und engagierte Mitstreiter sucht? Willst du aktiv werden und konkrete Initiativen kennenlernen? Dann bist du hier richtig! Hier kannst auch du dein Projekt oder deine Idee vorstellen und mit anderen interessanten und interessierten Menschen in Kontakt kommen, die sich aktiv für den Wandel engagieren (wollen).

System Change against Climate Change: The case of Coffee and other Commodities


Workshop in english language.

There is the chance to get some Coffee after the workshop. Bring your own box to reduce waste please!

What would happen if we integrate business, social initiatives, and science to kick-start & support sustainability processes through an alternative system for coffee trade? We need your help in understanding how to change the coffee system and the major challenges around fair trade. We propose a solution and in our workshop we want you to: participate, critique and co-design that solution so –together- we can bring about profound change. 

Together, we will learn about and discuss how coffee as an international commodity is economically unjust. That situation, in turn, causes systemic social issues in the producing countries: Rural livelihoods have low dignity, illiteracy is widespread, etc. The combination of both, inevitably, reinforces environmental un-sustainabilities with a large and widespread impact on land use, soil health, and biodiversity. 

On the other hand, we humans will not stop drinking coffee (and caffeine). Moreover, the Fairtrade 50th anniversary is in 2019, and we do not see a relevant change in the producer’s livelihoods, the un-sustainabilities or climate change. Therefore, we can say that **we** (*the producers and the consumers*) have a complex problem.

The shift from discussion to action is definitely not straightforward. The solution we propose is based on actions and directly support to coffee families and local social leaders (or cultural promoters). That support is enabled by a project (Hilo) aiming at implementing that solution. Everyone is welcome, and if you like coffee, you should come.

How to connect farmers with a more dignified life? In the conventional coffee trade, farmers take all the costs and risks. Last year the price of coffee was the lowest in 14 years, but in Europe, your cappuccino still costs the same. 

We want to make a radical change to the way coffee is traded. We believe that with economic security, and more dignified life, we will help build a community that is willing to engage in sustainable practices and accompany them on that path.
World Cafe discussions will be around these topics:

*Critique *Needs | Be the devil’s advocate – Why this will not work?  | What is missing here? *Self-reflection | What can we (in Europe) do to change systems?